Sep 22, 2010


A  True Brit is writing...
If you have been a visitor to our country,  I expect you've realised why we call it Great Britain: our long and glorious history; the unspoilt beauty of our landscape; the rich variety of our weather, not to mention our unrivalled achievements in cricket and football. Then, there are our cherished traditions: afternoon tea at four, roast beef on Sunday, and warm beer until 11pm. And there's us with our old - world courtesy and tolerance. Oh, and our sense of humour. I mustn't forget that. We do like a good laugh!
As for me, well, I'm so many feet and inches tall, and I weigh so many stones, pounds and ounces. My petrol comes in gallons and my milk in pints - from a milkman. I pay for them, of course, in pounds sterling. My home is my castle and "I-Do-It-Myself". I only hope I live to pay off the mortgage on it. My garden is my recreation and a sanctuary to many endangered species, not least of all myself!

(from the "How to be British Collection" by Martin Ford and Peter Legon)

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