Jan 30, 2011

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a famous and brilliant Irish writer. But he didn't just write for adults he also wrote fairy stories for children.
He was born on the 16th October 1854 in Dublin, Ireland to William and Jane Wilde.
His father was an excellent eye and ear surgeon. His mother was a writer and used to enjoy giving candlelit tea parties. He adored his mother and was very close to her. He was their second child.They also had an elder son Willie, their youngest child - a daughter called Isola -  died when she was 10.
Wilde went to Trinity College Dublin (one of the leading universities in Dublin) where he won a number of prizes. He then went to Oxford University on a scholarship.
Wilde became a writer who wrote stories, plays and poems. It was his plays that made him famous as he poked fun at people's social lives. They were full of clever, witty remarks that made them enjoyable to watch. He became known for these, when passing through customs he told them "I have nothing to declare except my genius."
He wrote the fairy stories for his 2 sons. One of his best known is The Selfish Giant. It is about a giant who lived in a castle while he was away for a long time children used to come and play in his garden. However on his return he was angry with them and made them leave, as he didn't allow anyone in his garden but himself. As the giant was so selfish it remained bleak winter in his garden, while all the other gardens enjoyed the different seasons throughout the year. Later on though, the giant sees the error of his ways and invites the children to play in his garden whenever they want. 
His fairy stories like all fairy stories taught children an important lesson about life. In the case of the selfish giant it was how you gain the pleasure and happiness of being generous and how being selfish can make you miserable.

Oscar Wilde died on the 30th November 1900. His work is still read, quoted, performed and enjoyed today.

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